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  Score: 1262
  Votes: 1402Vote
  Players Online: 1/150
  Uptime: 97.8%
  Version: Spigot 1.7.10
  Last Pinged: 416 seconds ago
  Server Created: 104 week(s) 3 day(s) 5 hour(s) ago
  Website: Website
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1 nell026 18 votes
2 AnthonyCena3269 17 votes
3 rochsten 15 votes
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Join our prison server where you have to work your way up from the lowest rank [D-Prisoner] to being [Free]. But watch out because the prison isn't safe. Everything you work for can be taken because you could be killed on your way to cash-in. Or you could be the one who's doing all the killing. Ranks: [A]: The First Rank that you start off at! [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [Free] Other Ranks: [VIP] [VIP+] [Omega] [Pro] [Master] [Elite] [Legacy] [Specialist] [King] Donate for a Rank on our buycraft website here >

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104 week(s) ago




Block City Jail is one of the best servers! It is fun to play on and has a challenging aspect to it with the primary PVP. The ranks are awesome and you won't want to stop playing, you want to keep ranking and ranking up!

Come on down and join Block City Jail

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Installed Plugins
WorldBorder 1.8.0 MultiWorld 5.2.0 killStats 3.0 FrameProtect 2.5
BukkitCompat R22A NoJoinMessage 1.6 CrateKey Buycraft 6.7
Vault 1.4.1-b436 BlocksToInv 1.2s KitsPreview 1.0.3 ChestCommands 3.1
CombatLog 1.8.11 PluginHider 1.1 WhatIsIt 1.3.8 TitleManager 1.0.7
ProtocolLib 3.4.0 PlayerVaults 3.5.1 Votifier 1.9 HolographicDisplays 1.8.7
GAListener 1.3.1 ToughAnvils 1.3 TimTheEnchanter 3.0 LinksOnSigns 1.9
WorldEdit 5.6.2 NoCheatPlus 3.10.12-RC-sMD5NET-b700 ChatControl 4.5.1 MotdManager 1.41-b20
PermissionsEx 1.22.6 TrailGUI 3.1 WorldGuard 5.9 Block 1.0
MineResetLite 0.3.6 AntiDB 1.0 CasinoSlots 2.5.7-b11 Warps 1.0
Lottery 0.9.4 CoreProtect 2.0.9 ThisIsAPlugin 1000.43 Lockette 1.7.12
ClearLag 2.7.7 NametagEdit 2.4 AutoAnnouncer 1.7-03.23 Essentials 2.13.1
floAuction 3.1.0 VoteParty ServerSigns 3.1.1 LibsDisguises 8.2.6
PlotMe 0.13f MysteryCrates HolographicDisplaysPatch 1.0.7 ChestShop 3.7.15
EssentialsChat 2.13.1 SimpleRegionMarket 3.6 EssentialsProtect 2.13.1 EssentialsSpawn 2.13.1
SetRankPEX 1.7.1 EZRanksLite EssentialsAntiBuild 2.13.1 EZPrestige 1.0.3